Friday, November 22, 2013


Day 3 - 8th Iberoamerican Innovation Congress, Merida, MX

The morning sessions were both tutorials—TRIZ for Business Applications by Jack Hipple and Product Development by Ricardo Alvarez (an expanded version of his “best practices” presentation yesterday, with a lot of intuitive creativity exercises—a few participants tried quite successfully to apply TRIZ methods to the puzzles and games!)  I went to the regional anthropology museum and learned about the Maya understanding of ideality in their mythology:

Oscar Acuna Valdez, founder of the Mexican division of the PDMA and VP for Latin America of Global PDMA, and a professor of management of innovation technology at UIA served as facilitator of the first after-lunch session.   He used a mix of cartoons and business models to guide us through a systematic innovation model that put emphasis on both understanding the customers and on managing the business’ network of relationships.   The audience agreed with many of his statics about the deficiencies of product development as practiced in today’s enterprises.   They mapped their own processes and proposed improvements during the “work” part of the workshop.

The last afternoon session  was cancelled due to several changes in people’s travel schedules.   The papers will appear in the proceedings.   Watch  for the announcement of the proceedings’ publication.

The congress will end in a few hours with a ceremony at the university, and a tour of the university facilities.  

Blog question:   Do these reports help you?  Interest you?   Please use the comment section to recommend improvements!

Hi Ellen, just to thank you for your blogs of the last two events you attended. It's really useful and you give a great summary of what went on - far more illuminating than just having the proceedings. There's also enough information to follow up on topics of interest at a later date if desired. Sorry I can't really offer any improvements as it's perfect as it is!
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