Monday, December 20, 2010


TRIZ on Twitter

In July, I agreed to a friend's importunings to start a Twitter account.  I don't think I've learned to really appreciate the daily stream of tweets from people all over the world sharing their thoughts, but I've seen some very interesting occasional comments which I would have missed otherwise.   My posts are mostly intented as TRIZ discussion starters--this kind of thing is typical:  "here are the 10 most innovative things of the year according to somebody, I think 6 of them use TRIZ concepts, what do you think?" 

I will continue to post to this blog when I have something to say, but I do use the Twitter column to refer people elsewhere, and I continue to contribute to the TRIZ Journal  and occasional articles.

My ID is @ellendomb.   Here are a few recent posts, so you can decide if you want to become a "follower."

Five Steps to Profitable Innovation  Good list of "what to do" then use #TRIZ for HOW to do it.

Why customer experience innovation matters now  Use #TRIZ resources tools to get customer environment info.

 Do Your Innovators Have the Right Muscle Memory?  Observe this all the time!  How sustainability drives innovation - #TRIZ thinking using ideality, functions vs. technologies, 9 windows

Cheese in space  Great example of using #TRIZ concept of existing resources (Monty Python fans) to boost publicity  10 most creative people and what they did. No. 6 has some #TRIZ elements of use existing resources. #TRIZ in management/city planning. Great list of contradictions without a great set of solutions (yet!)

RT @jdpuva Innovate on Purpose: What limits innovation in established companies  -- Jeff & Gary get it right!

@chuckfrey collecting ideas for best practices innovation 2010  Contribute!

 Program just announced for the Global TRIZCON Korea, March 9-11, 2011, with presentations in English and Korean. Hydrodynamic separation of dirty water from clean. #TRIZ principles: increased curvature (14), use of existing resources

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