Thursday, May 27, 2010


TRIZ E-Learning

I have written and spoken about TRIZ training and TRIZ learning on many occasions, so fans of this blog know that I'm convinced that the only way anybody learns TRIZ is by application to situations that really matter. Practice on trivial classroom cases will give you superficial knowledge, but only real work will lead to competency.

This is the reason that I've avoided e-learning for a long time--it seemed to be OK for the low level learning, but not for application. BUT this is a great TRIZ problem: I want e-learning, I don't want e-learning. And now the result is ready to be tried--this is a hybrid approach, with webinar-type presentation (slides with voice-over) and worksheets to download, that guide you through applying the lesson to your own work, and live instructors to discuss your work with you (probably via e-mail, but you and the instructor can decide what works.)

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