Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Re-birth of TRIZ Journal: TRIZ Community story

Two long-awaited tweets:  Calling all authors from the "old" #TRIZ Journal. Help launch new publication, help keep #TRIZ sharing spirit alive.  (May 22, 2012) Successor to #TRIZ Journal, call for papers extended to June 8. Great news--great articles! 50% of target! Need more! (May 21, 2012)
They have been re-tweeted by colleagues in Europe, India, Japan, China, Korea, Israel, and North America.  So we know that the "sharing spirit" is indeed alive.  

For those who have missed the TRIZ Journal, all the details of how the new publication got organized are in the discussions of "The Continual Improvement Lab" which is a LinkedIn  Group.    Andrea Zimmerman has put in countless hours as the organizer.   She has assembled a volunteer group of editors/advisors from all over the world who have all done a lot of work to develop the new concept for a hybrid on-line and print on demand,  Initially it will be a quarterly journal with specific themes for each issue, although articles not on the theme topic will also be published.   TRIZ for Energy is the Fall topic, and TRIZ for Education is the Winter topic.  

Meanwhile, one of the most-missed features of the "old" TRIZ Journal was the archive.    David Silverstein of BMG did a very big job of contacting past authors in order to re-build a library.    After had done many months of work, Mike Cyger bought the "old" TRIZ Journal from the company that had stopped publishing, and has been kind enough to post it on-line.   See the same old address:  
The archive works for browsing or for going to a specific article if you remember the date it was published.  The search engine does not appear to be working, but you can use any search engine you like to find articles by topic.   Thanks to both David and Mike!  

What's the best way to show your thanks to Andrea and David and Mike?   Write an article to share with the whole global TRIZ community!   Remember how many of you sent me thanks for the "old" TRIZ Journal?    I appreciated your expressions of gratitude, but a concrete expression would be to make a contribution to the "new" TJ.   College professors, high school teachers, junior school teachers: in the Northern Hemisphere this is the time to think about how you will include TRIZ in your curriculum, and how to structure the course so that student projects can be published.   

I'm looking forward to being a contributor and a reader--join me!

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