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TRIZ Bibliography

There has been considerable recent dicussion on the LinkedIn TRIZ discussion groups about books for TRIZ.    This bibliography comes from my training class "Practical Innovation:   Using TRIZ to Accelerate Innovation"   and was updated in February, 2013.   Any other suggestions are welcome! 

For book reviews prior to 2006 see The TRIZ Journal . Click “archive” then search on the title, or search on “book review” to see all. For recent book reviews see  (Ellen Domb’s blog) E-books, conventional books, other references, and software sections

E-Books (and many in the “books” section are available for Kindle or as downloads)

1. Introduction to ASIT by Roni Horowitz. 2003. 95 pages. Published as an e-book packaged with the on-line course “Introduction to ASIT”

2. USIT by Ed Sikafus. 2001-2006. 50 pages. Free. Available from

3. The 121 heuristics for problem solving, by Marco Aurélio de Carvalho, Tz-Chin Wei, Semyon D. Savransky, 2003. Published by RO-INI, Romania. Available from

4. Hierarchical TRIZ Algorithm by Larry Ball. 2005-7. 150 page book. Free if you download one chapter each month from the TRIZ Journal, starting with May 2005. to purchase. Available in Spanish from l . See  for Tools of TRIZ individual subjects in more depth, free download, written by a consortium organized by Larry Ball, 2012.

5. Tetris Project Handbook: Teaching TRIZ in Schools. Download the whole book (5 chapters and 5 sets of exercises) and view the videos. Free, developed by the EU-sponsored Lifelong Learning initiative.  2009 , updates planned for 2010.

6. Kraev’s Korner. Free textbook, download one chapter per month starting with  (TRIZ Journal, October 2006).

Books: (Alphabetical by Author)

Ordering: Many of these books are available on-line from Amazon and from Barnes and Noble, which sometimes have reduced prices. The Altshuller Institute bookstore  is a good source in the USA.

1. Altov, H. (pseudonym for G. Altshuller) translated by Lev Shulyak. "And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared", 1992. Technical Innovation Center.

2. Altshuller, G. Creativity as an Exact Science. Translated by Anthony Williams. NY. Gordon & Breach Science Publishers, 1988. Available from Taylor and Francis, 1- 800-326-8917 or

3. Altshuller, G. 40 Principles, translated by Lev Shulyak. 1998. Technical Innovation Center.

4. Altshuller. G. The Innovation Algorithm. Translated by Lev Shulyak and Steven Rodman. Technical Innovation Center, 1999.

5. Belski, Iouri. Improve Your Thinking: Substance-Field Analysis. TRIZ4U, Melbourne Australia. 2007.  or from

6. Bukhman, Isak. TRIZ: Technology for Innovation.  Cubic Creativity, Taiwan. 2012.

7. Cameron, Gordon. TRIZICS: Teach yourself TRIZ. Create Space 2010. Available for Kindle

8. Clarke, Dana. TRIZ through the Eyes of an American TRIZ Specialist revised 2002.

9. Domb, Ellen, K. Tate, R. King. TRIZ: An Approach to Systematic Innovation. Methuen, MA, USA. GOAL/QPC, 1997. (800)643-43l6 or

10. Fey, Victor and Eugene Rivin: The Science of Innovation: A Managerial Overview of the TRIZ Methodology. Southfield, MI. USA. The TRIZ Group, 1997. . Innovation on Demand. Cambridge Press, Cambridge, UK. 2005.

11. Gadd, Karen. TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving. Wiley, 2011. Available on Kindle.

12. Hipple, Jack. The Ideal Result: What It Is and How To Achieve It. New York: Springer. 2012.

13. Kaplan, Stan, S. Visnepolschi, B. Zlotin, A. Zusman. New Tools for Failure and Risk Analysis. Ideation International, 1999

14. Mann, Darrell. Hands On Systematic Innovation. 2002. Matrix 2010, Hands On Systematic Innovation for Management, 2004.  Available in the US from . Updated versions of both books published in 2007. Systematic (Software) Innovation. 2008. to order from the UK, plus many other books. 

15. Orloff, Michael A. Inventive Thinking through TRIZ: A practical guide. Springer Verlag 2003. Also available in German. Second edition 2006.

16. Rantanen, Kalevi and Ellen Domb: Simplified TRIZ. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2002. Updated version in 2007.  Available on Kindle.

17. Salamatov, Yuri. TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time. Edited by V. Souchkov, translated by M. Strogaya and S. Yakovlev. Insytec, 1998.

18. San, Y.T., Y.T.Jin, S.C. Li. TRIZ: Systematic Innovation in Manufacturing. First Fruits Publishing, Malaysia, 2009.  or

19. Savransky, Semyon. Engineering of Creativity: Introduction to TRIZ Methodology of Inventive Problem Solving. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2000.

20. Silverstein David, Neil DeCarlo, Michael Slocum. Insourcing Innovation. 2005, 2007. . David Silvertein, Philip Samuel, Neil DeCarlo. The Innovator’s Toolkit, 2008. John Wiley & Sons.

21. Terninko, A. Zusman, B. Zlotin. Systematic Innovation. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press 1997.

22. Timokhov, Victor. Natural Innovation. 2001. Creax.

23. The Tools of Classical TRIZ, Ideation International. 1999. Directed Evolution. 2001. Hybridization. 2005. See the web site for other research reports published in book format.

There are TRIZ chapters in the following books:

Design for Six Sigma: A Roadmap for Product Development. by Kai Yang and Basem El-Haik 2003 McGraw Hill, New York, NY, USA.

Design for Six Sigma: Innovation for Enhanced Competitiveness by Gregory H. Watson. 2005. GOAL/QPC, Salem, NH USA

Manufacturing Handbook of Best Practices: An Innovation, Productivity, and Quality Focus. Edited by Jack B. ReVelle. TRIZ chapter by Steve Ungvari, St. Lucie Press/APICS Series on Resource Management. 2002.

Mechanical Engineers' Handbook, Materials and Mechanical Design, 3rd Edition Chapter 18 by Jim McMunigal, Steven Ungvari, Michael Slocum, and Ruth McMunigal,descCd-tableOfContents.html

How To Invent Almost Anything by Graham Rawlinson and David Straker. Next Step Publications, 2002, by e-mail to

For case studies and TRIZ research see:

Proceedings of TRIZCON the annual conference of The A1tshuller Institute

Proceedings of the European TRIZ Association, ETRIA,

Proceedings of the Iberoamerican Innovation Congress,

Proceedings of the Quality Function Deployment Symposia,

International sites with significant English sections:

MATRIZ,  and the Altshuller Family

TRIZ Home Page in Japan:


TRIZ-related software products are available from

The Invention Machine Corporation,  Case studies and interviews with users on the web site.

CREAX,  (also has an excellent web site with links to hundreds of creativity sites and a free newsletter)

Ideation International,  (web site has about 50 articles, some promoting their software but some on general topics.)


IWINT  (lots of case studies on the website)

Systematic Innovation

Ideal Matrix 


Guided Brainstorming  Android “app” for TRIZ-influenced brainstorming.  other tools and methods.

Oxford Creativity on-line database of scientific effects: Click “effects database” at

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