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TRIZ Developers Conference 2009 St. Petersburg

I'm very glad to see the plans for improving the ARIZ system. We'll need one of the participants to volunteer to be a reporter for the TRIZ Journal. Here's an extract from Simon Litwin's letter, Results of TRIZ Developers Summit 2008; preparation for TRIZ Developers Summit 2009
1. TRIZ Developers Summit 2008 (TDS 08)

1.1. General results of TRIZ Developers Summit 2008

The 4th TRIZ Developers Summit was held in St.-Petersburg, Russia from July 24 to 26, 2008. The main topic of this Summit was "Development of tools for inventive problem solving".
In total 49 papers were presented at four workshops. Summit was held in St.-Petersburg Polytechnic University. TRIZ specialists from Russia, USA, Israel, Estonia, Latvia, South Korea, Australia, and Belarus took part in TDS sessions.
The information about TDS 08 is presented on the web-site A collection of TDS 08 papers was published (see the web-site
Based on discussion of papers and suggestions of TDS participants the recommendations regarding development of TRIZ problem solving tools were submitted. The recommendations on further evolution of TRIZ Developers Summits were also prepared.

1.2. Methodological recommendations of TRIZ Developers Summit 2008

Workshop 1. Tools for inventive problem solving based on resolution of Contradictions. Moderator - A.Kudryavtsev.

1. Start development of a new generation of ARIZ-like algorithms, including:
- Organize an extensive discussion of opportunities and disadvantages of the classical version of ARIZ 85.
- Inform TRIZ trainers and practitioners about capabilities and specific features of the algorithm ARIZ-91 and its steps.
- Analyze the opportunities for using ARIZ-91 in TRIZ projects and training .
- Organize work on collection and analysis of suggestions on modification of ARIZ and testing new steps and parts of the algorithm.

2. Start systematic work on development a new version of the set of Principles for Resolving Contradictions.

Workshop 2. Tools for inventive problem solving based on Su-Field models. Moderator - M.Rubin.
Develop a new version of System of Standards, which would eliminate existing disadvantages and extend capabilities of the existing System of Standards-76. For example, reducing the number of repetitions of the same transformations of the Engineering System.
2. Develop the idea of presenting Su-Fields and their transformations in the matrix form.
3. Distinguish system-wide standards from standards aimed at the development of engineering systems.
4. Standards created based on the information from some non-engineering areas of knowledge could be used for developing standards in engineering areas of knowledge.

Workshop 3. Tools for inventive problem solving based on Function model. Moderator - S.Litvin.

1. General recommendations:
- Use more extensively in TRIZ practice inventive problems formulation in the form of functions, not only of contradictions or Su-Field models.
- Consider the following main ways of functionality enhancement as mechanisms for ES development:
a) Improvement of Main Function parameters;
b) Improvement of Additional Functions parameters;
c) Addition of new Useful Functions;
d) Elimination of Harmful Functions.
- Recommend Function-Oriented Search (FOS) and Functional Hints Method as efficient practical methods for solving inventive problems formulated as a function (in addition to commonly used Indices of Effects).

2. Recommendations regarding FOS:
- Conduct an independent testing of Automated FOS System developed at the Engineering Consulting Center "Algorithm", St.-Petersburg, Russia.
- Focus the application of FOS on solving key problems rather than primary problems.
- Carry out the generalization of function in terms of all its components (object of function, conditions of function performance), rather than in terms of action only.
- Clarify the definition of the Leading Area of Science and Engineering.

Workshop 4. Tools for solving inventive problems based on the Trends of Engineering Systems Evolution (TESE). Moderator - V.Petrov.

1. Create a more correct system of Trends of Engineering Systems Evolution. In particular, it is required to review the Trend of completeness of system parts and the Trend of S-curve evolution.
2. Develop TESE for new areas of knowledge, including such areas as information systems, software-and-hardware complexes, management, and business.
3. When describing S-curve evolution of systems, it is necessary to determine not only the main parameter that identifies system evolution, but also factors leading to acceleration or deceleration of this evolution.
4. For further TESE development analyze not only inventions, but also factors of innovation process in general: social and economic factors, demands and structure of population, financial system prospects.

1.3. Recommendations on further evolution of TRIZ Developers Summit
Participants of TRIZ Developers Summit 2008 discussed different aspects of holding TDS. They suggested over two dozens proposals and comments regarding Summit structure and logistics, for instance:
- Continue breaking down the Summit into a closed session/workshop (for TRIZ Developers only) and Open Public Discussion;
- Reduce the number of accepted papers;
- Make requirements to materials more stringent;
- Improve methods of conducting research and discussions;
- Narrow the range of discussed topics at one Summit;
- Allocate more time to speakers, and so forth.
TDS organizers will take all comments into account during preparation of the future Summits.

TRIZ Developers Summit 2009 (TDS 09)

The main topic of TRIZ Developers Summit 2009 is "Development of the new generation of ARIZ". We are also planning to organize within TDS 09 a discussion on methods for conducting scientific developments and conferences (moderator - Yu.Murashkovskis).
The 5th TRIZ Developers Summit will take place in St.-Petersburg Russia on July 26, 2009 at St.-Petersburg Polytechnic University.
8-12 specialists selected out of those, who sent their applications on the TDS topic, will participate in the closed workshop of TRIZ Summit. We will use materials of previous Summits as well as the new materials prepared for TDS 09. All received materials will be presented on TDS website for discussion and commenting.
We plan to present the results of TDS 09 at the MATRIZ conference, which will be held on July 27-28, 2009 at the same place in St.-Petersburg, Russia.

We wish you all the best!

Organizers of "TRIZ Developers Summit"
A.V.Kudryavtsev –
S.S.Litvin –
V.M. Petrov –
M.S.Rubin –

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