Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Global TRIZ Links Summary

Our friend Toru Nagagawa writes: The "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated today (dated on May 4) in English and in Japanese.

The whole set of pages of 'TRIZ Links' in Japan and in the World have been rebuilt after 7 years since I built the 2001 version.

In the English pages you read:
TRIZ Links in Japan: Selected 10 sites
TRIZ Links in the World: Selected 50 sites
Extended 120 sites

Every site in the list is annotated briefly, even under the limitation caused by the language barriers.

(1) Primary TRIZ sites -- 10 sites
(2) TRIZ firms: consultants, tool vendors/dealers -- 21
(3) Academic societies and journals related to TRIZ -- 16
(4) Universities, governmental or non-profit organizations interested in TRIZ -- 26 sites
(5) Commercial providers of seminars, trainings -- 6 sites
(6) Portal sites of dictionary, book search, etc. -- 8 sites
(7) Personal sites and blogs interested in TRIZ -- 10 sites
(8) Personal web sites in the fields around TRIZ -- 2 sites
(9) Users' public presentations on TRIZ -- 80 presentations arranged according to the user
organizations (24 industries, 9 universities, 4 study groups, and 1 individual).

These lists are the results of 5 full weeks of my struggling.
Hope they are useful for many people. If you find any mistake or any suggestion of improvement of the lists, please write to me via email. Toru Nakagawa E-mail: nakagawa@ogu.ac.jp
Congratulations, Toru, on your comprehensive project. I’m sure it will help many people.


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