Saturday, July 15, 2006


Is it principle 26?

For a great, entertaining and scientific video see

We can debate later if this is really a TRIZ example or not.


TRIZ tools for software and hardware--which does what?

I went directly from vacation (small boat watching dolphins off Bimini) to two client sessions--one mostly hardware and one mostly software. For a few years now I've been observing that about 65% of solutions come from the TRIZ analysis tools for software/systems problems (Ideal Final Result, Function Analysis, Resource Analysis, and the System Operator) and 35% from detailed tools (40 principles, separation principles, 76 standards, scientific effects and search, etc.) and about 35% from analysis and 65% from detailed tools for hardware. This week (being aware that small samples give wildly fluctuating statistics) I saw 100% of the results from analysis for both groups.

Anybody willing to share data on a larger number of problems and the solution paths?

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