Friday, February 08, 2008


TRIZ, ARIZ, and teaching discussion

A discussion is underway on the TRIZ Topica e-mail list about TRIZ, ARIZ, how to teach TRIZ to beginners, and some fascinating history of how Altshuller taught ARIZ, and how and when he changed his teaching methods. To read this discussion, you need to join the list, but it is
A. Easy. Go to
B. Free
C. Relatively safe--in more than 6 years, I've gotten only a very few spams from this.

Once you are a member, go to "read the list" to get to the last few dozen posts.

Thanks to Horst Nadler, Nikolai Khomenko, Greg Yezersky, and Pentti Soderlin for starting this discussion, and for contributing from their experience.

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