Thursday, June 30, 2011


TRIZ Podcasts: The resource story

Our friends at TRIZIndia have started a podcast series that will be both a tutorial on TRIZ methods and a discussion of how to teach an apply those methods in real situations in real companies. It is free and easy (no passwords, no registration process.) Try the first one on Ideal Final Result at

The announcement said, "Everyone, We have started a podcast series on basics of TRIZ tools. Please give your feedback on the series. We will reach out to some of you to participate in the podcasts. You can also reach out to Murali Loganathan, Shankar Venugopal, Prakasan K or me, Bala Ramadurai to include you to participate in the podcasts." So I sent my positive feedback on the first recording, and asked Bala for the story behind the production. It is a very good example of the use of existing resources, and use of the supersystem resources in particular.

"Podcast was one of those ideas which came to me when I was stuck in Bangalore traffic and I thought this is the best resource to listen to podcasts. So, I listened to Getting Things Done podcasts streaming from my cellphone to the car stereo. One fine day, it hit me that TRIZ should have a podcast of our own. Instead of dismissing the idea, I wrote it down at the next light :-) next action - talk to Murali to find out if he was interested and then Shankar signed up. Murali couldnt make it, since he had to be in the other MindTree Office and Shankar said his daughters weren't doing well. I was hell-bent on recording the podcasts that very day or it would become one more of ideas which never lifted off. (Time = 0 in Size-time-cost, I guess).

"Murali quickly booked an audio bridge and we had Shankar dial in as well. We did a trial run on my cellphone (which doubled up as a digital recorder). It seemed to play my voice well, but drowned Shankar's and Murali's voices. Now, optimization time and I had the parameters perfect. One hitch though, since this was universality at play, my cellphone went off and disrupted the recording. Learning for next time, change the mode of the phone to Offline before starting to record.

"Again, my condition was simple for post-production - only one step to upload, no intermediate steps. Due to the cut in the recording, Murali had to struggle with formats and freeware, finally he managed to merge the 2 files. What format do we use to upload? wordpress wanted mp3, but some size limitation. Facebook wanted mp4, only 20 minutes, tumblr, youtube, we tried them all, none worked. Prakash to the rescue, podbean was the instant suggestion and turned out just fine. Prakash also managed to embed the player on"

Now that you know the story, please join by listening to the podcasts, sending your comments, and volunteering to be recorded.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Like Podcasts? There's a new TRIZ series  This is a new series of podcasts from TRIZ India, with several of our friends talking about their experiences introducing TRIZ concepts to their companies.  (Ideal Final Result is the first discussion.)   They explore both the concept and the teaching methods quite widely, and solicit comments from listeners, and volunteers for future work.   Try it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


TRIZ Tweets

For those readers who aren't Twitter followers, I'm aggregating the last week of my tweets.   Some people use these to test themselves on applications of TRIZ concepts, some to challenge me or the generators of the ideas about the solutions.    Frequently I cite lists (10 best, 50 best, etc.) but be warned--the criteria for "best" are frequently NOT TRIZ criteria.   I use these lists to stimulate discussion, not to endorse any particular approach to solving a problem.  The discipline required for 140 character posts was irritating when I started this, but has become a useful tool--if I can't interest people in a topic with 140 characters, maybe I don't understand it well enough?     If you would like to get these observations and comments one at a time, go to and "follow"  me  @ellendomb.

This week's tweets:  Separate storage and energy discharge functions of a battery, many benefits, #TRIZ separation principles example Nice #TRIZ case by Jack Hipple, how Boeing solved an aircraft assembly problem using agricultural equipment.  Some serious, some trivial, but emphasis is on the process of creating important questions Good ideas about questions as the stimulus for innovation. But he misses #TRIZ ?s, especially ideal final result  For #TRIZ practice, ask what problem is solved by these "gadgets of the month" = very few high ideality this group. Videos from the Edison Awards, some #TRIZ - related, some not, good practice. #TRIZ challenge: what problem does this solve for I-phone users who want good camera performance? Would U invest?

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