Monday, November 06, 2006


Everyday Innovation--TRIZ-style or other

The TRIZ Journal has a long-running series about "everyday TRIZ." Now, other people are seeing the application in other areas. The following announcement was in the Innovation Network ( newsletter:

In all the hoopla about radical, breakthrough or disruptive innovation, we sometimes lose sight of the importance of "ordinary innovation" -- the unique approaches to every day issues that create new value. These small stories of personal innovation deserve to be celebrated and that's just what Steve Lundin (co-creator of the incredible "Fish" series) and Jimmy Tan (innovation consultant and trainer from Australia) are doing in their new book-in-process,
"CATS: The Nine Lives of Innovation" which focuses on the premise that all innovation, at its core, is personal. Steve and Jimmy are looking for stories of personal innovation and stories about how leaders view innovation at the personal innovation level.
If you would like to share your story with them, please contact Jimmy at

Let's get some TRIZ stories into this collection!

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