Wednesday, September 14, 2011


TRIZ Tweets (August/September 2011)

For those of you who prefer not to try TWITTER, here are my recent posts.  Those of you who do use TWITTER, please let me know if there are other people whose Tweets are interesting to the #TRIZ and #Innovation audiences, so I can connect.  Get in touch with @ellendomb

09/15/2011 04:17 am (Thursday) India Innovation Summit -Summary thanks to @pavan_soni & friends.  Education, health, organizations, regional network
09/14/2011 08:07 am (Wednesday)  Unique #TRIZ example, resources bring light to dark places during the day (also, need to understand the real problem!)
09/12/2011 05:23 pm (Monday)  Creating passwords with low complexity and high strength (#TRIZ contradiction!) Example of use of resources in IT.
09/11/2011 02:13 am (Sunday)  Plan for #TRIZ Journal replacement. Thanks for support, please continue to forward, retweet, submit papers, volunteer!
09/10/2011 05:11 pm (Saturday)  Seth Godin's essay on charitable giving /marketing. Lots of #TRIZ concepts (principle 7, separation whoe/parts...)
08/31/2011 02:06 pm (Wednesday)  Plan for TRIZ Journal replacement. Please read, forward to your mailing lists, submit papers, volunteer! Retweet! Nominations for Edison Award start Sept. 1. Website has great examples of innovation in many fields Update for #TRIZ Home Page in Japan, with details on the Symposium coming up in 2 weeks, plus new books on IT #TRIZ.ellendomb Ellen Domb
Why Teams Don’t Work  Especially true for creative work, #TRIZ or other--don't assume you need teams!

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