Wednesday, June 17, 2009


TRIZ around the World Continued

Toru Nakagawa reports that the new update of the TRIZ Home Page in Japan is ready at

Professor Nakagawa does a tremendous amount of work to provide an excellent resource to the world community as well as the Japanese TRIZ interest group. Today he has new articles, a preview of the September Symposium, and a personal essay "Suggestion of Several Activities To Do for TRIZ in the Current Severe Situations."

If you are not familiar with this website, this is a great time to go visit--the summaries of the 2008 conference are in both English and Japanese, and are very valuable, and you won't find them anyplace else, and the new articles are timely applications of TRIZ to current situations.

Use our comment column to tell me what you think, or send comments directly to Toru Nakagawa.

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