Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Conference blog from Computer Aided Innovation

Our friend Jim Todhunter did a comprehensive blog from the Computer Aided Innovation conference in October. See:


Jim's blog connects to many other innovation resources--highly recommended!


Daily reports on TRIZ conferences

Great TRIZ enthusiasm! Creative TRIZ applications! And some serious TRIZ research as well.
Both the Iberoamerican meeting (Innovation, not just TRIZ) and the European meeting had a lot of very good papers and a lot of very good interactions between the participants. NOTE: the abstract deadline for the Altshuller Institute meeting is Nov. 15--two days from now, so you need to do some work if you plan on presenting YOUR work in Ohio in April!

I did daily blogs for the TRIZ Journal and Real Innovation, but some of you have said that it is hard to find them because of other "commentary" notes. For my fans, here's the list:

Second Iberoamerican Technological Innovation Congress, Monterrey Mexico




European TRIZ Association TRIZ Futures 2007, Frankfurt Germany





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