Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Everyday TRIZ

Yesterday I had a conversation with a TRIZ/lean/six sigma consultant, who told me with some excitement about his new project, digital book publishing. I was glad to hear his enthusiasm, but astonished when he told me that the book is ABOUT applications of TRIZ, but that he didn't use TRIZ to solve any of the problems he had during the project. My question: What about "I want to deal with Amazon, I don't want to deal with Amazon?" prompted his reply "Wow, I never thought about using the simple clarity of TRIZ to help me with my own business. Wow!"

That's the stimulus for this column: do you recognize TRIZ "situations" in your daily life? Here's a guide to recognizing TRIZ opportunities, and what to do about them. I wrote this for managers who had modest (sometimes no) TRIZ training, so they could encourage their employees to use TRIZ, but I've found lots of people who need this advice - - think of this as the new, empowered workforce, who get no help from supervisors!

So, listen for the "trigger phrases" (it doesn't matter if you say them to yourself, or if you hear other people say them), then have the "discussion" (same comment - - either talk to yourself or to the other person!)

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