Sunday, May 29, 2011


TRIZ and Twitter

I'm not a big fan of Twitter because my ego says that it takes more than 140 characters to say important things, and because I find it difficult to extract new learning from the stream of tweets that come from hundreds of people.   BUT Twitter has been a very good discipline for me -- trying to find TRIZ lessons in the constant stream of things I read, see, and experience.   If you'd like constant updates, join Twitter   and "follow" me @ellendomb.   If you prefer to get batches instead of constant input, here are the posts for the last 2 weeks and the planned ones for the coming week.   Comments, please? Management example of #TRIZ principle of equal potential energy (number 12) Sept. 99 for more #TRIZ challenge: view slide shows & figure out what problems are being solved. ISAM Music/theater/spectacle creativity - lots of #TRIZ and #biomimetics elements, but that's not why people like it. Totally #TRIZ compatible business model generation method. Read 72 pp free at this site, then get the book. Exciting! Discussion of "level the playing field" for small business. I challenge the question, rather than answer it. Skype example of violating robustness in design (Make it easy to do it right and impossible to do it wrong = robust) entrepreneur experiment: 2 years out of school to start a business. About 30% #TRIZ - ish. (agree?) Good example of thinking by analogy (a key #TRIZ skill): basketball and organizational development Mindboggling medical application of use of resources and #TRIZ principle 13 (do it in reverse) for kid with bone cancer Tutorial and challenge problems and links to other #TRIZ blogs -- thanks Stephane Call for papers (28 abstracts, 8 invited papers, more welcome) Japan #TRIZ Conf, plus news on disaster recovery. "Seed Cathedral" demonstrates #TRIZ ideality, use of resources of nature, thinking by analogy & just plain WOW design Applications of #TRIZ principle 14 (change curvature) for architectural problem solving & beauty #TRIZ basic concepts discussion preliminary to the July meeting in St. Petersburg. Either join or listen in. #TRIZ concept of using available resources to generate electricity, heat, and potable water. (Green TRIZ?)

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