Tuesday, May 28, 2013


TRIZ Tweets--ideas for learning, teaching, and keeping up with what's happening

There are a lot of TRIZ blog readers who aren’t big Twitter users, and they have asked for a quick summary of my tweets.   I’ve removed some (change of date for abstracts for a conference, etc.) but here are the most recent few months’ challenges, observations and remarks.   Any news, learning challenges, teaching resources, etc. from readers is welcome--I'll be glad to post/re-tweet or use other methods of getting the news out.

http://dld.bz/cAtD8 #TRIZ practice with 10 technologies: What problem is being solved? What patterns or principles used?

http://dld.bz/cAtCA  10 healthcare innovations (mostly US-oriented) Strong #TRIZ pattern of "reduced human involvement." Good? Bad?

2-day #TRIZ seminar FREE Budapest June 17-18. http://dld.bz/c99mS  dunaVision "Caravan of Change" seminars/forums/community creativity


http://dunavision.eu/about/  dunaVision Caravan of Change -- multiple seminars, workshops, forums, and a 6 month walk/bike/canoe trip...


http://dld.bz/c58rz  131 Edison Award winners. Good #TRIZ practice: identify problems being solved, ideality, & patterns/principles


http://dld.bz/c4dnm  27 Creativity tools, including several #TRIZ - related ones from CREAX, SIT, & Systematic Innovation.


http://dld.bz/cweZF  @pavan_soni 5th year of Inflection Point-great reference to new articles & stimulating discussion. Happy b'day!


#TRIZ in Malaysia-history from TS Yeoh, English notes by T. Nakagawa in http://dld.bz/xVJP . >1000 university lecturers trained level 1!


New innovation organization, new website, opportunity to post jobs free during opening weeks. Send info to @iaoip.org


Innovation Excellence | Don’t Be Fooled When Assessing Creative Work http://www.innovationexcellence.com/blog/2013/04/04/dont-be-fooled-when-assessing-creative-work/ … via @wibiya Very disturbing article


http://dld.bz/cv46f  #TRIZ for business creativity: 26 revenue models, for start-ups and for more established companies. Your examples?


One Day TRIZ "executive" class on problem solving Saturday, April 13, near Los Angeles. http://www.pivotmc.com  TRIZ works! Try it!


Korea Global TRIZCon abstract deadline extended to April 15. http://www.koreatrizcon.kr  Big meeting, lots of application papers, July 9-11.


http://dld.bz/cnSt5  Announcement of Romulo Garza Award to Prof. Noel Leon honoring his #TRIZ and #QFD work. Congratulations, Noel!


http://www.tfc2013.fr  European #TRIZ Association 2013 Paris meeting, abstracts due Mar15. Great meeting, mix of people, topics.


http://dld.bz/xVJP  New search engine for #TRIZ home page in Japan, both English and Japanese >19,000 pages. Thanks, Toru!


http://dld.bz/cjufj  Amplify your creativity...#TRIZ should be part of elements 1 and 4 of this list. Your experiences?


New book #midnightlunch from @SarahCaldicott, how Edison promoted collegiality/sharing information. #TRIZ - like ideas on ideality, trends


http://dld.bz/xVJP  Japanese & English versions of Ed Sickafus USIT tutorials. High relevance to #TRIZ, great function analysis methods


http://paper.li/exilsteira/1333305332# … weekly TRIZ news from @existeira, some new, some recycled. Thanks, Andi!


http://dld.bz/caEav  Prediction for sensory (or simulated sensory) future technology & applications. Which ones use #TRIZ patterns?


http://dld.bz/bZmYk  Book review of Jack Hipple's new book "The Ideal Result: What it is and how to achieve it." Thanks, Jack!


http://dld.bz/bWNSm  Best innovation articles 2012 from @pavan_soni. He does a GREAT job finding global resources - take advantage!

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