Sunday, May 17, 2009


TRIZ around the world has my report on Toru Nakagawa's report on the best papers from the 2008 Japan TRIZ Symposium, as decided by vote of the participants. Toru has done a great job of English summaries and English versions of the slides, so that the non-Japanese audiences can benefit from these papers.

Now in preparation: Darrell Mann and I will both be keynote speakers at the Computer Aided Innovation conference in Harbin China in August and at the Taiwan Systematic Innovation meeting in January in Taiwan. Papers are in final preparation (due June 1!) for the European TRIZ Association meeting in Romania in November, and we just recruited a live blogger to report on the MATRIZ meeting in St. Petersburg in July. New adventure for the Iberoamerican Innovation meeting--in Chile for the first time this year, also in November.

If you know about any events, please post them on the TRIZ Journal calendar. If you hear about an event and want to know more, just ask--if I've been there or know people who've been there, I'll be glad to help. Regular readers know that I'm a big believer in GOING to meetings, not just reading the papers, to learn what the authors can tell about how they did what they did. See you someplace?

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