Tuesday, July 16, 2013


TRIZ stories by Akhilesh Gulati, in Quality Digest magazine

Our PQR Group colleague Akhilesh Gulati has just finished a series of short stories about a group of small business leaders who are learning to apply TRIZ to their business and technical problems.   The stories have become a popular feature of  Quality Digest magazine.    You can access the series through  http://www.qualitydigest.com/search/node/Akhilesh%20Gulati  or the individual articles from this list: 

TRIZ in Reverse
Structured Innovation: Claims Processors and Physical Contradictions   IFR: a question of balance?   
TRIZ Application in Packaging
Structured Innovation: Online Marketing
Structured Innovation: Using the Ideal Final Result
Structured Innovation: The Separation Principle
Structured Innovation: The Segmentation Principle
Structured Innovation: Ideal Final Result
Thanks, Akhilesh!

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