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Global TRIZCON in Korea, July 10-12, 2012 Day 1, Morning

The Korea Academic TRIZ Association and the Society of Systematic Innovation combined forces for the joint conference taking place in Seoul this week, combined with the 2nd Global Systematic Innovation Competition. This is a clearly biased report--I'm keynote speaker at the joint plenary session, tutorial presenter for the joint conference, and a judge for the competition (more on my opinions of competitions, and why I agreed) later.

The conference opened with introductions of the sponsoring organizations, which in Korea constitute a powerful collaboration of Samsung, LG, Posco, and Hyundai, with Yonsei University and Korea Polytechnic University, and others. I'll skip all the ceremonial events--you can see the complete program at Daniel Sheu announced that next year's conference for ICSI and the competition will be in June in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and he issued a call for papers for the new International Journal for Systematic Innovation.

I was very interested in one of the welcoming speakers, Sung-Wook Moon, "Director General for High Potential Enterprise, Ministry of Knowledge Economy." (Actually, the deputy, since the director couldn't come.) The details of the message were somewhat expected--innovation is the key to survival in a tough global world, but having a government minister with responsibility for High Potential Enterprises in a Ministry of Knowledge Economy was remarkable. He addressed Korea's situation in the world economy in terms of the need for innovation, and gave me a "hook" for my keynote talk tomorrow by mentioning the initiatives of the GREEN economy.

Joon-Yang Jung, President of Posco, was enroute to an international steel industry meeting, so he addressed the conference by a recorded message. This was not platitudes--he showed statistics on the increase in company patents and strategic initiatives since they adopted TRIZ and combined it with Value Analysis and Strategic Planning methods. They have created their own databases and resources for employees, and donated resources to train professors at local universities. He provided another set of "hooks" for both my talk and Darrell Mann's by encouraging the TRIZ community to put the business applications of TRIZ on an equal footing with the engineering applications.

He was followed by Wook Sun, Professor at Seoul Nation University, speaking about the Samsung TRIZ experience in both the research center and the advanced electronics divisions.

I missed some of the social exchanges during the break, to be interviewed by Youngsul Kwon, editor of the Korean Economic Daily. If I get a translation I'll post it here.

My great friend (and president of MATRIZ) Sergei Ikovenko presented the first keynote speech, "Using TRIZ for Technology Forecasting." He gave a thorough review of the history of forecasting, and the short-term effectiveness and long-term lack of effectiveness of many methods, because of the failure of the methods to account for jumps between S-curves and points of inflection and other non-linearities within curves.  His examples of the application of TRIZ to the life of a banana was a great illustration of the opportunities to use TRIZ in all kinds of business.

Picture: Daniel Scheu (organizer of the Society of Systematic Innovation among his other roles) and Helena Navas (organizer of the Lisbon meeting of ETRIA, the European TRIZ Association, coming in October) with 2 other members on the tour that was offered to foreign visitors yesterday.

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