Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Puebla Industrial Engineering Congress, Tuesday afternoon

Dr. Alex Marquez is the first afternoon speaker. He has a marvelously diverse history as an entrepreneur, TV personality, concert pianist, and lecturer. He captivated the audience with his stories about multiple ventures in multiple countries. http://www.alexmarquezonline.com/  will introduce you to this remarkable speaker better than I can. His theme for the conference was the current development of Dubai, and analogies and lessons learned that can be applied for all creative work. The Mexican contribution (the lighting system) to the tallest tower that is considered symbolic of the development of modern Dubai got applause from the audience. “The word ‘impossible’ does not exist for Sheikh Mohammed, and the word ‘impossible’ does not exist for leaders who are building modern enterprise.” is my best translation of Marquez’s highly motivating talk.

I missed several afternoon speakers, since the student committee took me to a cultural lunch, followed by a tour of the historical district of Puebla. Tonight the whole congress will meet at the art museum for an opening called “The Toast”—but I hear that there will be a lot more than one! Food, drink, culture, and of course, talk about industrial engineering.

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