Thursday, July 21, 2011


TRIZ Journal parent company is out of business, July 18, 2011

Good news is that the TRIZ Journal site is still up, so if there are any papers that you want (I never kept personal copies of a lot of things, because I knew I could send people to the site to find them) it would be a good idea to get them today, or soon.

I have no other information, except a very short press release about the company that says nothing about the websites.

Press release about Schofield media

Overnight, several people were talking about a possible "TRIZ community" effort for revival of some kind, and I suggested a LinkedIn group as a good way to have the discussion. I think that professional society or university sponsorship might be a good idea. Andrea Zimmerman started a LinkedIn group a few hours ago! It is called "The Continual Improvement Lab" and you can sign up by going to the "Groups" section.

I have posted the following announcement on the TRIZ LinkedIn groups, and I would appreciate it if you could copy it, or write your own, for the any TRIZ groups you know about. TRIZIndia has already posted it! 
The company that has owned/operated the TRIZ Journal since 2006 went out of business on Monday, July 18. Join The Continual Improvement Lab (LinkedIn Group) for discussion of future options. This is the same company that operated ISixSigma, Real Innovation, and others, Schofield Media. Let's find a way to keep the best of the history and move forward!

When I was editor, 1996-2006, many of you were significant contributors as authors, editors, and readers. Thanks again for your contribution to what was a unique experiment for that time in the history of publication!

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