Thursday, October 07, 2010


TRIZCON and National Innovation Conference, afternoon day 1

The audience got very engaged in Tim Basadur's "Flight to Creativity." (Yes, son of Min Basadur, but an innovation contributor on his own, too.) His "Why teamwork is often uncreative and time consuming" chart started lots of conversations.  His equations for meetings are

Results = Content + Process + Tools + Style

C = K x I x E (Creativity is the product of knowledge, imagination, and evaluation)

Discussion: there may also be a multiplying factor for interest in the problem and motivation to work on it. One factor their research has uncovered is the importance of a person's knowledge-gaining style: (do you prefer direct experience or abstract thinking?) and knowledge-using style (do you use knowledge for evaluating options or for creating options?) Combining these give 4 process styles, and understanding the styles can make teams much more effective. Interesting that this research applied in graduate schools (MBA study teams) and in industry--people were happier working with others who have the same style, but more creative working with mixed styles.

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