Friday, August 20, 2010


TRIZ Communication

I have just (reluctantly) joined Twitter.   Those of you who participate can find me @ellendomb
Why reluctant?   I like the freedom of blogging--any length, any format, with or without pictures, sometimes in this TRIZ for the Real World blog, sometimes posted to the TRIZ Journal and Real Innovation Commentary blogs as well.    So the 140 character limit of Twitter seemed designed to prevent saying useful things!   (Winston Churchill:   I didn't have time to write a 10 minute speech, so I wrote a 3 hour speech.)

But, I was ignoring the Twitter use to tell people about the blog, or about an article, or a book, ...Hey, this is a TRIZ example of using an existing resource, maybe for a different purpose.  So that's a good way to shake up my own complacency and refresh my view of communication in TRIZ.   Short history: of the English language TRIZ communication:

TRIZ e-mail listserver (later replaced by TRIZ at mid-1990s
The TRIZ Journal (started by Jim Kowalick and me in 1996, then edited by Michael Slocum and me 1998-2006, sold to CTQ Media, now edited by Katie Barry with the help of the editorial board of Jack Hipple, Gaetano Cascini, Prakash Kappoth, and me)  Initially monthly magazine format, now combined with "commentary" blogs and Q&A Discussion forum.)
Yahoo Groups and Google Groups, 2001-4
Professional societies:  Some have fixed websites or newsletters with outbound communication only, some have web 2.0 features for member and guest discussions.  The list changes frequently:  Apeiron = Italy, Ametriz = Mexico, Altshuller Institute = USA, ETRIA = Europe, and some need no explanation like TRIZFrance, The India TRIZ Association, Taiwan (both TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Societies), Japan, Korea, China, etc.  2000-present
Social Media:  LinkedIn and Facebook each have dozens of TRIZ-specific groups, plus Ning and Xing and many more that I'm not involved in.
Twitter:  I'm finding many other TRIZ contributors, probably since 2009
.Readers: Please tell us about your experiences, and how to get results that are worth the time from Twitter and all the social media.
TRIZ Project:  Anybody want to do a pattern of evolution study or an evolutionary potential study using the history of TRIZ communications?  Flexibility replacing rigidity, moving control to the supersystem, ...


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