Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Teaching TRIZ: Free book, exercises, videos

The EU Lifelong Learning Program-sponsored TETRIS project has just announced the availability of the full set of materials (book, handbook, exercises) for download and videos available for viewing at

It is available in 5 languages, and I can only speak for the English one, which is very good. You'll need to test it with a sample of the students that you plan to use it with. The videos are cute to an adult, but I'm afraid they might be boring or silly to the video-centric generations. BUT even if you are just teaching yourself, it is worth the time to register (just a few minutes) and download the 12 items. This is a fresh view of TRIZ, and I've enjoyed reading it. Many thanks to Robert Adunka and Gaetano Cascini and their colleagues in Europe for this huge work.

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