Monday, November 23, 2009


MORE International Meetings in November

It is not too late: Nov. 23 there will be a meeting in Israel, with a program that is mostly industrial, with some academic and consulting contributions. See for details.

Regular readers know that I get very enthusiastic at these meetings--I find it easy to ignore the self-promotional papers and the poorly structured papers (the organizing committees need to do some WORK, not just include everything that's submitted!) because the tremendous value comes from the good papers, the new authors, and the discussions between official sessions. See my 4 postings to the TRIZ Journal from last week's 4th Iberoamerican Innovation Congress in Santiago, Chile. We have a promise from one author to send summaries of the Israel meeting, but we could use more, and we could use summaries of all local meetings. My personal finding is that when I'm reporting on the meeting, I learn more (is that a good incentive for other people to develop reporting skills?)

I will be reporting from Taiwan in January, but please use the comment feature to let me know about other meetings, and to volunteer.

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