Wednesday, October 14, 2009


TRIZ Japan Symposium early report--Darrell Mann honored

The "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated tonight
(dated Oct. 12) in English and in Japanese pages.

[1] Report:

"The Fifth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2009" was held
with 137 participants (including 19 from overseas).

Held by the Japan TRIZ Society, NPO.
On Sept. 10 though Sept. 12, 2009; at NWEC (Saitama)
A report HTML page has been made for the links to:

Outline, Flyer, Agenda outlline, Agenda sheet (1 page),
Agenda table (6 pages), Abstracts (from Japan),
Abstracts (from Overseas), Proceedings,
and Previous Symposia.

Some more details will be posted in the Official Web
site of the Japan TRIZ Society .

[2] Announcement:

An Award Was Presented to Mr. Darrell L. Mann (PQR Group partner and long-time colleague and co-author with Ellen Domb) for His Contributions to TRIZ and Systematic Innovation by the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" Foundation

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan" (Editor: Toru Nakagawa) has
recently established the "TRIZ Home Page in Japan"
Foundation, for the purpose of further penetration and
development of TRIZ in Japan and in the World.

As the first initiative, an Award was presented to
Mr. Darrell L. Mann for his contributions and services
over many years in the field of TRIZ and Systematic

His contributions through the research, writing,
development, and training were highly appreciated
and thanked.

[3] TRIZ Anime:

TRIZ Tales Animation in Japanese: TETRIS Project for
TRIZ Education at Schools

Original story: Genrich Altshuller,
Story: Getano Cascini (Italy),
Pictures: Harry Flosser (Germany),
Japanese translation: Katsuya Miyanishi and Toru Nakagawa

TETRIS Project is financially supported by the Euroean
Commission's Life Long Learning Program 'Leonardo da Vinch',
and aims at building materials to teach TRIZ at schools.

They made animation movies of "TRIZ Tales" on the basis
of Altshuller's stories in "And Suddenly the Inventor

Being invited by the project, we have translated the
movies' texts into Japanese. Miyanishi's colloquial
wordings fit nicely to the pictures.

The Japanese version is now available in the TETRIS
Project's Web site. The present page provides the
introduction written by Nakagawa.

Best wishes, Toru Nakagawa
Professor, Faculty of Informatics, Osaka Gakuin University
2-36-1 Kishibe-Minami, Suita-shi, Osaka 564-8511, Japan

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