Sunday, September 20, 2009


TRIZ Japan News update from Toru Nakagawa

Toru Nakagawa from Osaka Gakuin University has continued his great work to tie the Japan TRIZ community and the global TRIZ community together. The following is his announcement:

The "TRIZ Home Page in Japan" has been updated tonight (dated Sept. 18) in English and in Japanese pages.

The Fifth TRIZ Symposium in Japan, 2009 has finished with the 137 participants (including 19 from overseas) and 42 presentations, resulting much success.

These papers will be summarized and reported on later.

[A] 3 More articles of last year's Japan TRIZ Symposium 2008 have been posted publicly both in English and in Japanese.

[1] Darrell Mann (UK)
[2] Wolfgang Sallaberger (Austria)
[3] James Todhunter (USA) and Kiyoshi Shikakura (IMC Japan)


[1] Japan TRIZ Symp. 2008 Presentation: "Updating TRIZ: 2006-2008 Patent Research Findings" by Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK),

The Author, Darrell Mann, has been working on the intensive analysis of all the US (1985 - today) patents since 2000 (initially at CREAX and currenly at SI).

The information extracted from the patents are used to enrich and update TRIZ knowledge bases, mostly related to the trends of evolution, functions, and contradictions.

In the present paper the Author summarizes the results of the analysis of patents granted in 2006-2008.

Analyzing 100 patents in the scheme of Contradiction Matrix, he has found the effectiveness (for suggesting appropriate/relevant Inventive Principles) of the Contradiction Matrix to be 18 % for the Classical Matrix while 96 % for Matrix 2003.

Recognizing gradual degradation of the Matrix, he is preparing for an updated version, Matrix 2010.

[2] Japan TRIZ Symp. 2008 Presentation: "Tributes to the Work of Victor Schauberger (Austria 1885-1958) with the Eyes of TRIZ" Wolfgang Sallaberger (congelo, Austria),

The Author of this paper is unique: Wolfgang Sallaberger has long been an owner chef of his restaurant and now becomes an independent inventor.

He describes the work of his country's genius Victor Schauberger who created the slogan "understand and copy natureā€¯with the word "biotechnology" as early as around 1920.

The Author reviews Schauberger's work, which is not known well because of historical reasons, with the insights of TRIZ. The focus is the nature/behavior of water and its energy, especially in the helix of flow.

[3] Japan TRIZ Symp. 2008 Presentation: "Advances In The Application of Computational Linguistics for TRIZ Practice" James Todhunter (Invention Machine Corporation, USA),
Kiyoshi Shikakura (Invention Machine Japan, Japan)

Usage of Computational Linguistics, especially in the form of semantic analysis, is the oustanding strength of Invention Machine Corp.

The present paper reports the current state of the art in such an area, with an application exmample of solving the problem of separating sea water from sea weeds.

Best wishes,
Toru Nakagawa

"TRIZ Home Page in Japan"

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