Sunday, September 20, 2009


Book Review: TRIZ: Systematic Innovation in Manufacturing

Please forward this to anyone who is looking for new TRIZ books. Thanks! TRIZ Journal is not publishing book reviews now, so I’m trying to reach interested people via e-mail and this blog.

I just got the new book TRIZ: Systematic Innovation for Manufacturing by San, Jin, and Li (all from Intel, Malaysia, students of Sergei Ikovenko. Book available from Altshuller Institute. )

Good: English is excellent. ARIZ and Su-field sections are the best I’ve ever read in one place. They make reference to what Joe Miller, John Terninko and I did about 8 years ago on defining the 76 standards, and do a good job of showing how to use the 76. Likewise, there’s only one tiny difference over the definitions of the 39 parameters of the contradiction matrix vs. the article that Joe and Ellen MacGran and I did (wow, 11 years ago.) and what they do is sensible—yes, I’ll have to get back to work to see if we actually agree, or if there were translation problems. They do not use any of Darrell’s stuff on Matrix 2003 or Matrix 2010 (he says he’s demonstrating that the classical matrix works 18% of the time and his version works 96%, but they seem happy with the classical one—see the summary in Toru’s TRIZ home page in Japan.)
See the next entry in this blog for the summary of the paper.

Not-so-good: There are two very tiny case studies (a pin for alignment of 2 parts, and a threaded connector that is either overtightened or misaligned.) and references to some of the case studies that this group published in 2008. This is not the “numerous examples and case studies” promised on the back cover or in the advertising. The 76 Standards, the 40 principles, and the ARIZ section all need good case studies.

ARIZ-85C is used, with no mention of any other versions, or the new ARIZ 2010 project that MATRIZ is starting now. (This is just a remark, not a criticism! It would be nice to know what people who use ARIZ-85C think needs to be improved.)

BUT, overall my recommendation is that this is a very useful book, especially on the issues that have not been available.

Anybody else have any recommendations? Please use the comment feature!

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