Friday, July 10, 2009


TRIZ Journal Recovery

TRIZ journal ( is my "baby" since I co-founded it with Jim Kowalick in 1996 and editited it with Michael Slocum until 2006, when I sold it to CTQ Media, and I've happily stayed a member of the editorial board, with Katie Barry becoming the editor/publisher. But even when the "baby" grows up, it is still your "baby" and anything that hurts it hurts you.

In early June I started getting e-mail from colleagues around the world telling me that they were getting messages, mostly from Google, that the TJ was a "suspicious site." This was part of a malicious attack on all the CTQMedia sites (ISixSigma, RealInnovation, etc.) that resulted in taking the sites down, and rebuilding on a new server. For details, log onto the TJ and you'll see a note from Frank Ducceschi, who is heading up the recovery team.

I have been assured that the archives were protected, and will be recovered. I have become dependent on the TJ archives--I use them for reading assignments for my courses, and for homework and project development, and for examples of both good and bad cases when I do "train-the-trainer." As with any dependable friend, I didn't realize how much I depended on the archives until they weren't available! RETROACTIVE THANK YOU to all the authors who have contributed their work over the years, that I have been able to use and share with so many people.

We will look to all those who have used the TRIZ Journal over the last 13 years to help us restore its reputation and to populate it with future papers, commentary, questions, and answers. To volunteer, contact editor Katie Barry, or just use the comment feature here to tell me what you want to do, and I'll send it along to Katie. (I typed her address, then erased it--this kind of thing makes us get careful just at the time when we should be working together informally and frequently.)

Thanks in advance to the TRIZ Community.--Ellen

Ellen, you are not alone; after TJ was down, I have been finding it difficult to convey new comers why TRIZ is good with my own case studies! Only when it is not there we realize how important it is to us. I would like to believe that TJ applied principle blessing in disguise for starting the next S-Curve of it's on popularity and growth ;). TJ's reputation will never go down in any circumstances, and I hope there are hundreds of thousands like us feeling that gap, and we together would take TJ to the next level.
Thanks, Prakash--I think that this is the positive view of managing a crisis to make it the launch point for the next S-Curve! I appreciate your work and your optimism!
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