Thursday, July 23, 2009


TRIZ Journal recovery update

From: The TRIZ Journal []

If all goes well, will be back online by the end of this week. And CTQ Media’s other websites – (including the TRIZ Journal), and – will be up and running shortly thereafter.

It has taken more than a month to fix what hackers did. While it has been painful to be offline for so long, it was necessary to remove offending code and make our websites completely safe and reliable.
Though it is hard to see any part of a hack in a positive light, this one allowed us to discover and improve shortcomings in our servers and firewall. And it proved the value of using third parties to conduct e-commerce transactions to keep safe the personal data of our users.

We learned many lessons from this unfortunate situation. But now the job is to forget about “rootkits” and “beacons,” and get back to what we do best – supply the kind of Lean Six Sigma information that is needed by business leaders and other quality professionals.

Hopefully, for the last time, allow me to apologize for any problems we have caused for those of you who have been loyal users of iSixSigma and our other sites. Our staff is eager to get back to its regular work and we are equally anxious to have you as a regular visitor again.

Frank Ducceschi
Vice President and Publisher
CTQ Media

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