Monday, July 07, 2008


New blogs and Wiki--Innovation and TRIZ

Frequent readers know that I have regarded this blog as an experiment, and that when the TRIZ Journal started its "commentary" and "forum" columns, I started putting most of my "TRIZ for the Real World" thoughts in those two venues. Thanks to all of you who have participated in those dialogs--the experiment in ways to increase TRIZ discussions is ongoing.

This month I've discovered two new blogs, both on the general theme of innovation, with specific topics and articles on TRIZ. Both are excellent, and I recommend them to readers.

Jim Belfiore's "Thirty minutes from Andromeda" at combines personal musings, technical articles, and travel topics. I've persuaded Jim to let us reprint some of his columns in the TRIZ Journal--if you enjoyed (or learned from, or got mad at...)them, you may want to read the extensive archive.

John Cooke's "The Innovator's Sweet Spot" at covers a wide range of innovation topics, with excellent research on examples and case studies. I've already entered comments on 4 of them (3 to agree and amplify, one to disagree--maybe that will get interested readers to go look at the comments sections!)

Bill Fowlkes has developed a Wiki called TRIZ World at
About a dozen people have made significant contributions, and many more have made occasional posts. It needs a lot more participants to reach the critical mass of people who can develop a significant body of knowledge. It is easy to participate--very intuitive interfaces. Reward: the more you post, the bigger your picture gets in the little thumbnail collection! (I thought this was a good example of a TRIZ concept of use existing resources--rewarding you with your own picture.)

Anybody have other new sites to recommend? Please send comments!

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Hi Ellen, this is my humble and learning step:
Hi Ellen, thanks very much for your kind comments about my new blog "The Innovator's Sweet Spot". You are welcome to visit again any time!
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