Friday, July 18, 2008


Innovation Requires Trust

I frequently read Report 103 and find both new ideas, and old ideas presented in a new way. The current issue is at

Both articles are very useful:
1. Many companies are using their innovation methods for cost cutting. These are the same methods that were previously used for product/service development. This is no surprise to TRIZ folks, who see that the approach to ideality requires both the improvement of the system and the reduction of costs (that ideality equation again.)
2. Innovation requires trust. Employees won't share their ideas with the company if they don't trust the company--this could be trust that they will get credit or rewards if the company has a reward system, or it could be trust that the idea will be developed and contribute to the creator's professional pride. Lack of trust can be because of the employer's past behavior, or, harder to counter, because of a previous employer's behavior.

Yes, there is some advertising for an idea management software system, but it is pretty well separated from the articles.

Readers: do you want these kinds of references?

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