Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Active April

News notes: I'll be at the Altshuller Institute's TRIZCON2008 April 12-15, and I'll be blogging to the commentary page of the TRIZ Journal, www.triz-journal.com -- if you can't get to the conference (Kent, Ohio, USA) check the page every day for a stream of consciousness from the meeting. Regular readers know that I think the value of most conferences comes from the hallway conversations and encounters with "e-mail buddies" who I get to meet in person. If you are there, please introduce yourself.

If you haven't visited the new TRIZ Wiki, please do! http://triz-world.wetpaint.com/
This is my first Wiki experience, and it is a great learning opportunity. As with other teaching activities, when you try to explain something to other people, you figure it out for yourself. You can make changes directly--the "community" is the editor. (Some people have been afraid to be so bold, and have been sending e-mails to the organizer, then he has to post the changes, and we lose the dynamic of the Wiki. But at least we get the contributions.) Kudos to Bill Fowlkes for getting this adventure started, and for all the work he's doing to keep it running. Nice cute feature: contributors' pictures show in a little box, and the more contributions you make, the bigger your picture!

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