Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Design News Asks if TRIZ is "Best"

"TRIZ and DFSS are controversial. Strict methodologies do little more than stifle innovation, says the brainstormers. Random idea generation is undisciplined, often unproductive and a big money pit, counter the backers of TRIZ, who are often MBA and accounting types. I want to know what you think so please drop me an e-mail." This is the lead paragraph from the new issue of Design News:

I answered, but I want to encourage everyone else to answer, too, and not just TRIZ advocates. My theme was that BOTH-AND beats EITHER-OR (the comment is posted both adjacent to the article and on the TRIZ Journal Discussion Forum.)

If you don't want to answer, think about why or why not? I'll be glad to get into that discussion, too.

I too answered this. (Thanks for the email, Ellen.) My response was very similar to yours. A company wishing to be a market leader must have both predictable quality delivery AND repeatable innovation practice in their set of core competencies.

This was the central point of a piece on my blog concerning 3M. You can find it at
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