Wednesday, August 30, 2006


TRIZ Journal early news

Good news--we've just gotten permission to reprint Val Kraev's series of 12 articles that together are an excellent beginner tutorial and overview (including exercises and homework, for people who are seriously interested in self-teaching.) They will start running in the TRIZ Journal, one per month, in October 2006. They got a lot of good comments when running in the Altshuller Institute newsletter, which has about 1000 readers, so we're delighted to give him a bigger audience with the TRIZ Journal's 80,000 readers per month.

And we are equally delighted to report the return of an old friend. Gregory Frenklach, who wrote many fine articles in the late 90's, will be returning to our (virtual) pages soon, with his views of the integration of TRIZ with other improvement systems, and the evolution of the use of TRIZ.

Lots of travel--I'm headed for Puebla MX for the Ibero-American TRIZ Congreso, while colleague Darrell Mann is in Japan for the Japan TRIZ meeting. We'll meet up in Belgium in Oct. for ETRIA. Exciting news from both Japan and Belgium is a large number of corporate participants.

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