Sunday, June 11, 2006


TRIZ at Samsung publicity

There have been a lot of papers about the TRIZ education and implementation process at Samsung, where various reports say that as many as 10,000 engineering staff are getting TRIZ training. Here's a new report from the Korean electronics industry press about the after-training support system.

I'm surprised at the heavy emphasis on Russian-based training, because previous publications, and conversations with some of the instructors who have worked there, emphasized that Samsung had put a lot of time and money into developing Korean-oriented training--replacing the Russian folk stories, Russian technology examples, etc., with Korean ones, not just doing translations.

At the European TRIZ Kongress (Zurich, 2003) the Samsung group said that they had modeled their implementation plan after a paper I wrote in 1997, which later became chapter 12 of Simplified TRIZ which emphasizes the need to make decisions that are appropriate to the corporate culture about the use of outside consusltants--fast, more sophisticated results early on-- vs. the development of internal experts--slower, but longer lasting.

Great news--TRIZ was also coupled with Samsung's triumph relative to Sony in the recent publicity in Fortune.

Comments from anyone who knows what is happening with TRIZ at Samsung?

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